Plantacare 818 UP

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Plantacare 818 UP

Product name:Plantacare 818 UP

CAS: 141464-42-8

Appearance:PLANTACARE 818 UP is a cloudy, viscous, aqueous solution of a C8-C16 fatty alcohol glycoside.

Product Description:The turbidity of the product is attributable to a combination of its magnesium oxide content (max. 500 ppm magnesium) and the pH value at which it is supplied. This turbidity has no negative effects on the products properties and disappears if the pH value is adjusted to below 7. PLANTACARE is a nonionic surfactant with a balanced combination regarding the foam volume and the excellent dermatological properties. Therefore it is suitable for use as a base surfactant or a co-surfactant in cosmetic cleansing preparations.

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